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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Science (MS)


School of Communication

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Joseph P. Zompetti


This thesis examines how the relationship between crime and poverty is rhetorically constructed within the news media. To this end, I investigate the content of twelve news articles, published online, that offered coverage of crime in the city of Detroit, Michigan. I employ three methods in my criticism of these texts: ideographic analysis, critical framing analysis, and an approach that considers ideographs and framings elements to be rhetorical constructions that function together. In each phase of my analysis, I developed ideological themes from concepts emerging from the texts. I then approached my discussion of these findings from a perspective of Neo-Marxism, primarily using Gramsci's (1971) critique of cultural hegemony to inform my conclusions. I ultimately argue that, through their dissemination of these representations, the news media function as a mechanism to perpetuate an ideology of classism.


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