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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Mohamed Nur-Awaleh


Illinois has enacted legislative policies to provide access to higher education and state funding opportunities for undocumented students. Public Act 093-0007, Illinois RISE Act, and Illinois House Bill 3438 all have implications for Illinois four-year public universities and community colleges.

This dissertation focused on understanding the training, knowledge, and support of the admissions staff at all twelve public four-year universities. A survey was created with the assistance of content experts to gauge admissions staff institutional training and knowledge as it pertains to supporting undocumented students. Approximately 90 admissions staff were identified for the study and 57 participants responded from all twelve Illinois public universities. The findings provide admissions and enrollment management professionals with an opportunity for improvement along with learning best practices to support undocumented students pursuing higher education.


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