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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Technology

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Klaus Schmidt


The author will attempt to construct a learning platform congruent to a STEM-based curriculum. However, before the learning system can be constructed, foundational concepts for how education is conducted within an institutional structure will be examined. The role of the teacher in conveying information to students for their formation as technically literate members of society and formed in the ability to carry out meaningful reflection and dialogue with others will be examined. The overall objective is to utilize the pedagogical style of Augustine of Hippo to guide the construction of a wholistically integrative STEM curriculum. The student’s lived experience instills values for lifelong learning, and critical thinking will be incorporated to tackle the challenges of the modern world. Relationships and the need for humility to be incorporated into STEM education for a productive learning environment to take shape will challenge the conventional compartmentalization of disciplines. Recognizing the interconnectedness of content within a real-world context is proposed to promote a greater intention of intellectual and human formation towards a culture that seeks to convey the importance of interiority and community with others in education.


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