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Master of Science (MS)


School of Communication

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Lindsey Thomas

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Phillip Chidester


Family is a large part of everyone’s everyday lives, and so is the media. In this study, I examine the Netflix hit show On My Block, looking at the family structures presented, the family interactions and functions, the influences that family has on the main characters, and the familial messages presented through the show. This is significant to both family and media studies as it adds to the conversation surrounding family representation within the media. In this study, I examined the first three seasons of On My Block using an open coding methodology to discern what emerged regarding my research questions: (1) What family types emerge within On My Block?; (2) What are the functions and interactions of the family types represented in On My Block?; (3) In what ways are the main characters of On My Block shown to influenced by their family experiences?; (4) What are the messages about idealized families and other types of families that are presented in On My Block?


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