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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Psychology: Clinical-Counseling Psychology

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Suejung Han


The purpose of this study was to examine the associations between immigrant's bicultural social media use (BSM), general psychological needs satisfaction (GNS), bicultural needs satisfaction (BNS), and well-being outcomes of life satisfaction (LS) and bicultural identity integration (BII). Participants included 223 individuals who use social media and identified as bicultural (many of whom were 1st or 2nd generation immigrants, 60%). Participants completed online surveys. Results from correlations, SEM, and path analyses indicated that there were correlations between the variables of GNS, BNS, LS, and BII. BSM was correlated solely with BNS. Additionally, BNS fully mediated the association between BSM and LS and BSM and BII. The results indicate that bicultural social media use can be useful in increasing bicultural needs satisfaction for bicultural individuals and further their well-being, as indicated by life satisfaction and bicultural identity integration further, having clinical implications for developing interventions for bicultural individuals or immigrants dealing with acculturation or identity difficulties.


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