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Dissertation-ISU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: College Student Personnel Administration

First Advisor

Neil Sappington


This study focused on Mexican-American students in the Chicago area who were

enrolled in a post high school institution. The study also identified the culturally responsive practices students found to be effective in their going on to postsecondary institutions. Results support the theoretical tenets of culturally responsive pedagogy, institutional, instructional, and personal as factors that contribute to their success in their K-12 schooling and ultimately enrolling in post high school education. There are many practices that the literature recommends to educators in unlocking the barriers relating to Latinos going on to post high school education. The result of this study was the voice of the Mexican-American students and practices they found to be in place and effective for them in their K-12 schooling. Suggestions for improvement in K-12 education for Mexican American students have been outlined and validated through students' experiences. Several recommendations for change have been made based on the findings of both the current publications an the study conducted.


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