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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teaching and Learning

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Thomas A. Lucey


This thesis considers alternative pedagogical approaches within which the integration of technology is applied, to determine if inquiry-based learning is an approach that can facilitate the integration process more effectively. The role of the practitioner was evaluated to determine beliefs, concerns, and perceptions of technology integration. Practitioners' use of an inquiry-based learning approach was gauged and compared with practitioners use of a more traditional approach. The level of technology integration was assessed and compared as subgroups according to their teaching practices. The study analyzed the responses of teachers' survey data, with intentions to draw conclusions about the optimal approach for which to integrate technology.

This research study found that (1) the level of concern over technology integration is neither significant for the inquiry-based teachers nor the traditional teachers, (2) a significant difference occurred over the perceived use of technology for inquiry-based teachers, in relation to traditional teachers, and (3) the level of perceived ability to integrate technology is neither significant with inquiry-based teachers nor traditional teachers.

By analyzing the practitioner's beliefs, concerns, and perceptions about integrating technology, a comparison of alternative pedagogical approaches was conducted. This research is intended to continue the discussion on the impact technology has on inquiry-based learning, and aims to identify key perceptions of teachers when faced with the challenge of integrating technology in authentic, meaningful, and engaging way.


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