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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


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Melissa Oresky


How do I find wildness? This question is a central tenant of my work and manifests psychologically and physically in my installation, video and performance work. As the diversity of non-human ecosystems wanes and wildness along with it, I am overwhelmed by idea that the human generated debris might eventually cover the earth and become our new landscape, our new wilderness. I wonder "what do we do with all of this stuff'? In my installations, I play with the materials I gather and accumulate. I construct `ecosystems' often using pedestrian materials such as nylons, fabric, lint and glitter to explore the object's potential to become something that seems part of the sky, land or sea. I employ elements of surrealism and seek to transform objects in a playful way with the intention of opening up a network of associations located in the work.


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