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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Politics and Government: Political Science

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Noha Shawki


The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate Millennium Development Goal 3 and to propose a new goal based in a human rights-based approach. This goal promotes gender equality and women's empowerment and is primarily measured by gender parity in education. For many countries in the developing world, this goal is far from being reached and has resulted in millions of children, particularly girls, out of school. The primary focus of this thesis will be on the secondary level of education as gender parity is far from being obtained. This thesis will review the goals and the human rights-based approach to define the right to education for girls. Using the African nations of Malawi, Burundi, and Chad as case studies, the thesis will use human rights indicators to measure the right to education for girls in these nations. It will use sources ranging from the work of the United Nations agencies to research in the fields of development and human rights to government action plans and policies. In conclusion, the thesis will propose a new goal based in the human rights-based approach as a more effective means to ensure the right to education and empowerment for girls throughout the world.


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