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Dissertation-ISU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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Beth Hatt


Out-of-school-suspensions are linked to several undesirable outcomes for students such as decreases in overall school achievement and possible correlation to future high school dropout or incarceration rates. In response to out-of-school suspension data and community need, The Champaign Unit 4 Community School District developed a district-wide K-12 alternative suspension program that primarily focused on student support in a proactive manner. As the program progressed, culturally responsive action research led participants to create collaborative systems of student, family, teacher, and school systems support. These four areas of support worked simultaneously to improve student behavior district-wide. This study reflects the cycles of action research during the creation, implementation, and evolution of the program. Creation steps included: (a) explore the problem; (b) develop a proposal; (c) build support from the community; and (d) propose and hire. Implementation steps included: (a) educate staff; (b) educate the community; and (c) build relationships with families and students. Key themes that emerged from research were flexibility of staff, courageous innovation, data-driven programming, cultural responsiveness, and proactive and reactive balance.


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