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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Technology

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Sally Xie


The goal of this study is to use Modeling and Simulation of Evacuation Plan (MSEP) to support management to execute proper evacuation plan in case of emergency at Hancock Stadium in Illinois State University. Analyses of the research literature and evacuation scenarios are used to build a simulation system that will connect a description of emergency and evacuation situation with its context. It shows how an evacuation plan actually functions. The results of the study will help safety managers to understand the current situations of evacuation according to the specific simulation scenarios. The evacuation simulation is categorized according to the types of emergent situations and the number of evacuees. Each simulation is validated according to the real time data collected through observations and the published literatures. The practical implications of the research include the developed system to be used in case of emergencies and the experience gained will help future design of large-scale venues and facilities. This research innovatively used Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, Dijkstra and Open Cleared Path algorithms, and Pedestrian Dynamic's simulation system for an open-space, steel structure in evacuation routes.


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