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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Psychology: School Psychology

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Steven Landau


This study sought to examine the relationship between parents, teachers, and teacher perceptions of students in a Head Start setting. Specifically, this study explored the impact of parent engagement on teacher perceptions for student kindergarten readiness. Head Start operates under the goal of involving the entire family, suggesting that parent involvement, or engagement, is beneficial for the student. This also suggests that a lack of involvement may be detrimental. Following social psychology theories examining stigma, and stigma-by-association, this student attempted to determine whether parent disengagement from the childâ??s education is a stigmatizing factor, and if that stigma carried over to the child. Findings from this study suggested that parent disengagement is indeed a stigma for parents, and children of those parents are at risk for stigma-by-association. Implications add to cultural competency literature and training, raising sensitivity to the potential for students to experience stigma-by-association in the face of a disengaged parent.


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