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Academic Integrity in the Community College Setting: Full-time Faculty as Street Level Bureaucrats

Janice Malak, Illinois State University

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This study explores what full-time faculty members at community colleges perceive their role to be with regards to academic integrity on their campus and within their classroom using the lens of the street level bureaucrat (Lipsky, 1980). While many studies explore the topic of academic dishonesty from the perspective of the student and attempt to explain why students act dishonestly, this study looks at the issue from the faculty perspective. Full-time faculty at community colleges who belong to the Center for Academic Integrity completed a survey on how familiar they are with their college's academic integrity policy, how they learned their college's policy, how they apply the policy, and what they believe their role is in developing, modifying, and implementing the policy. Secondary research questions address differences in responses that can be attributed to number of years teaching in the community college setting, faculty rank, or to the discipline of the faculty member.