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Thesis-ISU Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)


School of Art

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Judith Briggs


This qualitative study used a questionnaire and interviews to determine to what extent four art teachers were comfortable with their university preparation and support at their schools in working with students with disabilities. Study participants included four certified art teachers from schools in the Central Illinois who are alumni of the same university art education program who graduated at different times who reflected on their pre-service program, their preparedness to teach students with disabilities in their art classrooms, their teaching practice, and the support that they receive while teaching students with disabilities. Participants all agreed to some level that their undergraduate experience did not fully prepare them to interact with students with disabilities. Although levels of school support and resources vary according to economics and access, participants desire more training in working with students with disabilities as practicing teachers. Participants want more training in assessment of students with disabilities, in motivating students, in comprehending and administering IEP and 504 documents, in understanding disability traits, and in the use of adaptive tools. Participants were proactive in seeking information that would aid them in working with students with disabilities. The study recommends more pre-service experience in teaching students with disabilities throughout the pre-service program, more in-service training for practicing teachers, and more funding for professional development.


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