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Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis-ISU Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Department of Chemistry

First Advisor

Lisa F. Szczepura


This thesis will discuss the synthesis of [Re6Q8]2+ (Q = Se or S) clusters containing N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) as well as the use of silver(I)-IMes

(IMes = 1,3-bis(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)imidazol-2-ylidene) transmetalation reagents. The compound [Re6S8(PEt3)2(IMes)2Cl2] (PEt3 = triethylphosphine) has been isolated and fully characterized. Reactivity studies on [Re6S8(PEt3)2(IMes)2Cl2] have also been conducted with evidence of acetonitrile for chloride substitution. Additionally, syntheses of [Re6Q8]2+ containing NHCs without tertiary phosphines by using microwaves and

UV- light will be explored.


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