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Master of Science (MS)


School of Teaching and Learning

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Ellis Hurd


This qualitative study will explore and evaluate the school literacy practices of high school-aged participants at the freshmen level (grade 9). It will interpret their analysis, comprehension, and critical thinking skills through an examination of confidence, abilities, and fluency through discussion and student-led dialogue. Building on previous research regarding critical thinking skills, the researcher hopes to articulate the ways in which students with varied levels of ability (grades 9-12) may be able to use their literacy learning to demonstrate critical thinking skills that will enhance their reading fluency, comprehension, and analytical skills and to foster an appreciation of literature and discussion that will nurture a confident, articulate understanding of Twain and his texts. This may in turn bridge the gap to other texts of various levels of complexity and reading levels. Fostering critical thinking skills, and emphasizing the valuable and credible nature of these skills through normal classroom discourse may lead to more confident, literate, capable student learners who will not only experience the joy of reading, but an increase in critical thinking for an increase in literary fluency and competency.


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