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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Educational Administration and Foundations: Educational Administration

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James C. Palmer


Increased accountability in higher education is increasingly compelling librarians to demonstrate their impact on student learning and student success. To do so, they are encouraged to collaborate with student affairs professionals to improve students' experiences. However, the literature suggests librarians lack formal, structured partnerships with student affairs professionals, and that librarians and student affairs professionals are largely unfamiliar with each other's roles in student learning. They may have narrow or inaccurate perceptions of each other, and lack meaningful ways to collaborate. This study explored librarians' and student affairs professionals' perceptions of each other's roles in student learning and success. Additionally, this study identified opportunities for prospective collaborations and the conditions which impede or facilitate prospective collaboration. By using multiple focus groups in a phenomenological study design and the concept of third-space professionals as a framework, this study described the experiences and perceptions of librarians and student affairs professionals at several four-year, residential public universities in Illinois.


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