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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Science (MS)


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Stephen Hunt


This study examines the variables of immediacy, clarity, classroom climate, professionalism, and credibility as they relate to instructors use of slang in the classroom. This investigation advances our understanding of how students perceive an instructor or professor who uses “slang language” while teaching a lesson. While all of these variables will make up the student’s overall perception of the teacher, the study also examines how these results vary depending on the age of the instructor. Thus, the central focus for the present study is how different types of slang are perceived by students when used by instructors of different age. Research participants include students from a large Midwestern university who watched a video of a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) or professor using positive, negative, or no slang while teaching a brief lesson.

Keywords: Classroom Communication; Communication Accommodation Theory; Slang


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