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Master of Arts (MA)


School of Communication

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John R. Baldwin


HIV/AIDS remains a threat to Kenya and other developing nations. This thesis aimed at assessing the HIV/AIDS situation in Kenya by examining the knowledge of Kenyans towards infection and spread HIV/AIDS, attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS, involvement of community opinion leaders in the HIV/AIDS campaigns, sharing of HIV/AIDS information, and government efforts to control HIV/AIDS. A sample of Kenyans (N= 103) was surveyed and asked to respond to several scales assessing each of the above items. Quantitative and qualitative methods reveal the knowledge and attitudes portrayed by Kenyans and show that, although much has been achieved, there is need for multi-strategies to help curb the spread of HIV/AIDS. The results revealed some knowledge gaps concerning the infection and spread of HIV/AIDS and unfavorable attitudes towards people living with the pandemic. Specific theoretical implications, limitations, strengths, and suggestions for future research are discussed in detail.


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