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Master of Arts (MA)


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John Baldwin


Using the data collected from 212 participants, this study examined the perceptions that

Kenyans have toward television news with cancer messages and how the audiences use the messages. Using both close-ended and open-ended survey questions, this study investigated the motives that Kenyans have prior to watching news, how these motives affect their frequency of watching such news, how engaged they are with the news, their views of such news, how television news contribute to their knowledge about cancer, and their personal experiences with cancer.

Some of the results suggest that the motives that Kenyans have are to gain knowledge on

the disease and understand how people are managing the disease. Besides, motives account for a significant amount of television news that Kenyans watch. Additionally, Kenyans have had personal experiences with cancer touching on family members, friends, and patients in hospitals. Specific theoretical and practical implications, limitations, strengths, and proposals for future research are discussed in detail.


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