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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


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Bill O'Donnell


The Third Coast is a photographic exploration of the vernacular landscape of the US Gulf Coast. Stretching some 1,600 miles from the mouth of the Rio Grande in Texas to the Florida Everglades, America's southernmost shore is vast and complex. The region is a patchwork of both the natural and built environments, a tangled combination of history and geography, culture and ecology that reflects an intimate and ever-evolving relationship between man, land and sea. The Gulf Coast resists tidy hierarchies or easy classification. Rather, the rhythms of the region comprise its own syntax, a way in which seemingly dissimilar locations speak to one another with awareness and familiarity. More than just describing the landscape, this body of work looks to explore the Third Coast's visual vocabulary, it’s sense of place, and the recurrent themes that create the area's distinct material and cultural identity.


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