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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Criminal Justice Sciences

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Michael Gizzi


This thesis examines the use of tactics originally purposed as a component of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Operation Pipeline and their evolution since their creation in the 1980’s. The paper provides a history of investigatory policing stops regarding the argument of Epp et al. (2014) that primarily relied on Police Chief magazine and Remsberg’s Street Survival. Epp argues that the methods used in investigatory stops are an invasion of privacy, use racial profiling, and have proliferated from a tactic used in the war on drugs to combat drug trafficking to a routine day-to-day policing tactic. Through the use of a narrative review this paper will provide a detailed illustration of investigatory stops, the evolution of techniques involved in these stops, court decisions effects on enforcement policies, proliferation of investigatory stops, and racial disparities investigatory stops.


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