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Master of Science (MS)


School of Communication

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Phil Chidester


This thesis examines gender performance and its relation to power in the television series Once Upon a Time (OUAT). On the surface, OUAT is a television show that constantly challenges the culturally-ingrained gender norms often found in fairy tales, as it creates new storylines for traditional fairy tales. This warrants a deeper examination of the series to understand if and how it is subverting these typical gender norms. To fully understand how gender operates in OUAT, I examined how gender affects and is affected by hegemony in the show and how this relates to our cultural understanding of gender and power. Using the narrative paradigm as a lens, I examined two character arcs for six different characters to determine the relationship between power and gender in the series. I found that OUAT actually reinforces hegemonic gender norms through regulation of appearance, traits and skills, and unequal distribution of power.


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