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Master of Science (MS)


College of Fine Arts: Arts Technology

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Judith Briggs


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This arts-based research project uses qualitative and autoethnographic methods to explore the concept of artist-teacher. The author/artist journaled for three months about her artmaking process while undertaking five discussions about her work with peer advisors, both of whom were practicing artists. The author discovered that that key themes that ran through her artmaking process included the use of found objects (chance and organization), intuition, metaphor, politics and spirituality, other artists’ influence, reflective practice, engagement with nature, and the effort to understand and address her audience. For three months, the author made notes about her teaching practice. These notes appeared to emphasize themes of chance, metaphor, other artists’ work, intuition, and reflection.

The author discerned a connection between her activities as artist and as art teacher. Her artistic process shaped and gave agency to her arts pedagogy. Autoethnographic arts-based research helped to deepen both her artistic practice and teaching. Future recommendations would be to have other artist-teachers conduct their own arts-based research. The author intends to continue her own reflexive research throughout her teaching career. The author also recommends creating a collective group of artist-teachers to collaborate and reflect upon one another’s artwork and teaching.


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