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Thesis and Dissertation

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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Psychology

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Dawn M. McBride


Different moods seem to elicit different processing styles (Hunt & McDaniel, 1993, Storbeck & Clore, 2005) and mood has been shown to affect retrospective memory in many ways. The current research investigated how induced mood affects event-based prospective memory (PM). The current study examined mood effects on focal and non-focal PM retrieval. Participants were induced into either a depressive or elated state using Velten statements directly prior to retrieval of the PM task. A main effect of task type was found, such that those in the focal condition completed the task quicker and more accurately than those in the non-focal condition. No effects of mood on PM cue detection accuracy or ongoing reaction times were significant. These results suggest that mood may not have a strong effect when induced at retrieval of the PM intention.


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