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Master of Science (MS)


Department of Criminal Justice Sciences

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Dr. Shelly L. Clevenger


The prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses is a continued epidemic within the United States. The increase of literature on this topic highlights the risk factors and perceptions that students hold on sexual assault. Previous findings have been able to aid in the creation of educational programs to be administered by universities to their students on commonly misconstrued topics within sexual assault and consent. This research adds to existing literature with its investigation on perceptions of sexual assault that Illinois State University students old. Specifically, this study looks at the beliefs and values that students hold about sexual assault, and their familiarity with campus services offered to victims of sexual assault. Results from this study indicate that students at Illinois State University conceptualize sexual assault and rape as two different entities with different levels of victimization assigned to each. Additionally, the findings suggest that the annual education that Illinois State University offers their students is ineffective when evaluating the retention students have of information present within the program. Findings from this study offer guidance and suggestions to Illinois State University in better educating their students on sexual assault and consent.


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