Finding Hovey 01: Introduction


Finding Hovey 01: Introduction


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Charles E. Hovey played a significant role in the founding, development, and early operations of Illinois State Normal University. Named by the Board of Education of the State of Illinois as the school’s first principal, Hovey worked tirelessly to recruit faculty students to the new school. Hovey worked against the Panic of 1857 and Illinois weather to construct the Administration Building, the first building on campus. The restoration of the Charles E. Hovey portrait exemplifies art as a multidisciplinary educational tool. The portrait serves as a physical conduit to the past, connecting students to the University’s fledgling years as they learn about ISU’s integral role in developing educational pedagogies in the United States. Art students also study the painting and learn firsthand preservation techniques (and what not to use). With funds from the George and Helen Obalil Family Fund, this important piece of local, state, and national history has been conserved for future generations. Read on to see how this piece of history was meticulously restored.

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The file represents part of the physical exhibit Finding Hovey, which was displayed in Milner Library, Illinois State University, from February 1 to 20, 2022.

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Finding Hovey 01: Introduction