Methylation of Translation Elongation Factor 1A by the METTL10-Like See1 Methyltransferase Facilitates Tombusvirus Replication in Yeast and Plants

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Replication of tombusviruses and other plus-strand RNA viruses depends on several host factors that are recruited into viral replicase complexes. Previous studies have shown that eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A) is one of the resident host proteins in the highly purified tombusvirus replicase complex. In this paper, we show that methylation of eEF1A by the METTL10-like See1p methyltransferase is required for tombusvirus and unrelated nodavirus RNA replication in yeast model host. Similar to the effect of SEE1 deletion, yeast expressing only a mutant form of eEF1A lacking the 4 known lysines subjected to methylation supported reduced TBSV accumulation. We show that the half-life of several viral replication proteins is decreased in see1Δ yeast or when a mutated eEF1A was expressed as a sole source for eEF1A. Silencing of the plant ortholog of See1 methyltransferase also decreased tombusvirus RNA accumulation in Nicotiana benthamiana.


This article was originally published as Li Z, Gonzalez PA, Sasvari Z, Kinzy TG, and Nagy PD. (2014) Methylation of translation elongation factor 1A by the METTL10-like See1 methyltransferase facilitates tombusvirus replication in yeast and plants. Virology. Jan 5;448:43-54. PMID24314635