Faculty Publications from 2022


Polyoxidovanadates' interactions with proteins: An overview, Manuel Aureliano, Nadiia I. Gumerova, Giuseppe Sciortino, Eugenio Garribba, Craig C. McLauchlan, Annette Rompel, and Debbie C. Crans


Pascoite Minerals and Potential Application of NMR Spectroscopy, Craig C. McLauchlan, Beth Trent-Ringer, and Debbie C. Crans

Faculty Publications from 2021


Systematic Incorporation of Gold Nanoparticles onto Mesoporous Titanium Oxide Particles for Green Catalysts, Jian Hou, Wongi Jang, Jaehan Yun, Franklin Obinna Egemole, Dianguo Geng, Hongsik Byun, Dong-Woo Kang, and Jun-Hyun Kim

Faculty Publications from 2012


Comparative kinetic analysis of glycerol 3-phosphate cytidylyltransferase from Enterococcus faecalis and Listeria monocytogenes, Ashley N. Merici and Jon A. Friesen

Faculty Publications from 2008


Use of Di- and Tripropionate substrate analogs to probe the active site of human recombinant coproporphyrinogen oxidase, Justin B. Morgenthaler, Reyna L. Barto, Timothy D. Lash, and Marjorie A. Jones

Faculty Publications from 2007


Investigation of the catalytic and structural roles of conserved histidines of human coproporphyrinogen oxidase using site-directed mutagenesis, Shani J. Gitter, Christopher L. Cooper, Jon A. Frieson, Timothy D. Lash, and Marjorie A. Jones

Faculty Publications from 2005


Kinetic evaluation of human cloned coproporphyrinogen oxidase using a ring isomer of the natural substrate, Marjorie A. Jones, Christopher L. Cooper, and Timothy D. Lash

Faculty Publications from 2004


Diffusional Interactions at Dual Disk Microelectrodes: Comparison of Experiment with Three-dimensional Random Walk Simulations, John E. Baur and Perry N. Motsegood

Faculty Publications from 2000


Electrons in image states near roughened metal surfaces, Brian K. Clark, Brian W. Gregory, and Jean M. Standard