Effect of Pullout Lessons on the Academic Achievement of Eighth-Grade Band Students

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Update Applications of Research in Music Education

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academic achievement, instrumental music, pullout lessons, specialized instruction


This study examined the effect of pullout instrumental lessons on the academic achievement of eighth-grade band students. Participants (N = 353) included 292 nonband students and 61 band students pulled once per week for music lessons in a single suburban K–8 school district in Midwestern United States. Data indicated that eighth-grade band students achieved significantly higher mean scores on the ACT Explore test than students who dropped band prior to eighth grade (n = 58) or never enrolled in the program (n = 234). In addition, no significant differences existed between all band students and the highest achieving nonband students, or between students who discontinued band after at least 1 year and those who never enrolled. Although band students in this study tended to be more academically successful than nonband students at the outset, these results support the assertion that pullout lessons had no negative effect on academic achievement, regardless of the number of years students participated in the program.


This article was published in Update Applications of Research in Music Education, Volume 30, Issue 1, August 26, 2011, https://doi.org/10.1177/8755123311418482.