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Journal of Nursing Measurement


ACS Response Index, myocardial infarction, signs and symptoms; psychometrics, acute coronary syndrome, factor analysis, statistical


Background & Purpose: To report on the psychometric properties of the Acute Coronary Syndrome Response Index in adults without heart disease. Methods: Participants were enrolled online, using social media platforms and an email listserv. The sample of 1,040 was randomly split into two sub-samples for exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Results: Exploratory factor analysis yielded a four-factor solution for the knowledge subscale, a one-factor solution for the attitudes subscale, and a two-factor solution for the belief subscale. Subsequent confirmatory factor analysis demonstrated an excellent fit for the attitudes and beliefs subscales and an acceptable fit for the knowledge subscale. Conclusions: The Acute Coronary Syndrome Response Index can be used with individuals without diagnosed heart disease. However, researchers may wish to omit the incorrect items in the original version of this instrument.




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