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Iris Marion Young, Collective Responsibility, Responsibility for Justice


In Responsibility for Justice, published 5 years after her untimely death, Iris Marion Young addresses the difficulties of thinking about responsibility in our complex, globally interconnected world. Our everyday errands, such as shopping for food, clothing and even light bulbs, now raise questions about our connection to grave injustices that occur around the world. Yet the limits of our ability to think seriously about these connections are evident. Even tracking responsibility within localized events is difficult when multiple layers of agency are involved. For instance, is BP, Transocean, or Halliburton responsible for the Deepwater debacle? 1 Unfortunately, Young began working on these questions–so pressing in our time–just a few years before she passed away. Yet the fruits of her labors are promising. Her recent book is a serious development of her social connection model of responsibility, a …