Personality as a Predictor of First-Semester Adjustment to College: The Meditational Role of Perceived Social Support

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Personality was hypothesized to predict college adjustment because of the role of perceived social support. A sample of 111 freshmen completed measures of personality, perceived social support, and college adjustment twice in their 1st semester. Perceived social support mediated the relationships between 3 personality factors (Emotional Stability, Social Boldness, and Abstractedness) and college adjustment, highlighting perceived social support as a point of intervention to improve 1st-semester students' college adjustment.


This article was originally published as Lidy, K. M., & Kahn, J. H. (2006). Personality as a predictor of first-semester adjustment to college: The mediational role of perceived social support. Journal of College Counseling, 9(2), 123–134.