Identity Status, Consistency and Differentiation of Interests, and Career Decision Self-Efficacy

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Relationships between young adults’ identity status, the consistency and differentiation of their career interests, and their career decision self-efficacy were assessed. Among 111 college students, identity status was related to career decision self-efficacy and differentiation of interests, but it was not associated with consistency of interests. In general, more advanced identity status dimensions were associated with higher career decision self-efficacy and more differentiation of interests. The findings highlight the importance of integrating identity status into the conceptualization of career development in research and practice. Ideas for future research and implications for career assessment and counseling are presented.


This article was originally published as Nauta, M. M., & Kahn, J. H. (2007). Identity status, consistency and differentiation of interests, and career decision self-efficacy. Journal of Career Assessment, 15(1), 55–65.