Faculty Publications from 2023


Bladelets, Blood, and Bones: Integrating Protein Residue, Lithic Use-Wear, and Faunal Data from the Moorehead Circle, Fort Ancient, Robert V. Riordan, Logan Miller, and Abigail Chipps Stone


The Vignette Method: A Flexibile Method for Capstone Courses and as a Supplemental Learning Experience in Research Labs, Susan Sprecher

Faculty Publications from 2019

BMP Adoption Evergreen Bloomington Data 2015, Joan Brehm

Faculty Publications from 2015


Ritual Economy and Craft Production in Small-scale Societies: Evidence from Microwear Analysis of Hopewell Bladelets, Logan Miller

Faculty Publications from 2004


Self-disclosure in intimate relationships: Associations with individual and relationship characteristics over time, Susan K. Sprecher and Susan S. Hendrick