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Winner, Second Place

Creation Date

Spring 2021


Casual sexual intercourse (hook-up) has been identified as a cause of coronavirus transmission, predominantly in the LGBTQ community. Despite pandemic guidelines for people to social distance and quarantine at home to stem transmission, over 49% of gay men reported no change in their hook-up practices during the pandemic. Grindr is the largest social media platform used by queer individuals to engage in hook-ups. In my research, I examine Grindr exchanges that motivate people to meet each other and risk contracting COVID. Additionally, I create a model that critiques the persuasiveness of these exchanges. This image depicts a man who is wearing a face mask displaying common messages people receive on Grindr, representing the dichotomous tension of pursuing sexual desires and upholding social obligations. Additionally, this image is significant to my research because it highlights the excessive number of people potentially breaking CDC guidelines in order to hook-up; creating discourse over safe sex practices during a pandemic.