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Creation Date

Spring 2021


I study home, displacement from it, and suffering within or outside of it. I believe our bodies, our domestic spaces, and our homelands are three parallel homes on different levels. Definitions of home are related to definitions of Us versus Others, and these definitions and their relationship to borders and boundaries can be problematic. Borders and the lines we draw around ourselves and others allow authorities to enforce unjust, inhumane, or brutal laws in the absence of public awareness. This is the case with the current regime of my country, Iran. In my paintings, I use imagery of metal doors to talk about what is going on behind the doors and give voice to ongoing brutality towards women in Iran, where femicide is allowed by law in many situations. My color pallet suggests both durability of cold and rusty metal doors and the vulnerability of a body, with lacerations referring to traumas. I think art can bring attention and awareness to this injustice and bring hope for change.