Katelyn Tenuto


Undergraduate Student


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Winner, First Place

Creation Date

Spring 2022


As humans are living longer, the presence of cancer is skyrocketing, and it is our responsibility to be proactive. This image represents a curiosity to learn about one’s family genetic history as they age and as their risk for cancer increases. The reflection of the family tree in the eye symbolizes the importance of looking ahead before disease approaches. I am researching how our evolutionary and lifespan changes are contributing to the rise of cancer in our society. As the human lifespan has increased, we are seeing an increase in certain types of cancer such as melanoma, liver cancer, and breast cancer. With age, cells become more damaged and cancer-initiating cells collectively rise. I aim to use my research to highlight the importance of genetic testing and how we can educate ourselves and others about this destructive disease and how we can understand these evolutionary changes to benefit our health.


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