Protein Zoo


Shaniya Barrett


Undergraduate Student


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Winner, Second Place

Creation Date

Spring 2022


Life arises from the orchestrated behaviors of thousands of different proteins in each cell. How each protein arrives at its correct location in the cell remains poorly understood. The Edwards Lab developed the "Hostile takeover" gene tagging system as a new approach to connecting protein structure, function, and localization, using the Drosophila (fruit fly) genetic model system. This montage of images, produced with ISU's spectral confocal microscope, shows protein localizations arising from 9 different randomly tagged genes expressed in clones of cells in a Drosophila cell sheet (ovary follicle cells). The fluorescently tagged protein fragments have each migrated to distinct locations including the cytoskeleton, nucleolus, vesicles, and nuclear envelope. The tagged protein is shown in orange/yellow, the actin cytoskeleton in purple, and DNA in blue. This project will bring new insights into mechanisms of cell organization.


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