Dani Park


Graduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2022


As a person of color, one of my intellectual fascinations has always been W.E.B. Du Bois' notion of double consciousness, in which the oppressed, especially African Americans, face an internal conflict that divides identity in a way which the oppressors never have to experience. My particular interest in this topic focuses on double consciousness, but from a psycho-philosophical perspective. I argue that the Subject not only experiences double consciousness but undergoes it as a process that brings into question the very concept of existence and experience. Inspired by the French psychoanalyst Jacque Lacan, my image represents a graph in which the Subject (top left) begins the process of double consciousness, eventually undergoing division (top right) and finally ends as the separation of consciousnesses (bottom right). This conceptual schema is crucial in representing the processual nature of double consciousness and, more importantly, the inhumane degradation of those who undergo it.


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