Nina Jang


Graduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2022


The architectural structure in the middle of this photograph is called “Bosingak,” an historical monument representing the values and beliefs of my country, South Korea. The surrounding buildings are architectural symbols signaling the influences of Westernization in Korea. In the midst of this cultural colonialism, Bosingak stands its ground with grace because her roots are deeply connected to her land even after multiple destructions and reconstructions.
While my dissertation focuses on Asian/Asian American childhoods in English literature, I always turn to my heritage. Analyzing narratives that center Asian American characters struggling with postcolonial/postwar forces, systemic racism, and discrimination against immigrants, my scholarly goal is connected to Bosingak’s meaning for our people, our resistance, and our empowerment amid forces that attempt to contain and control us. My research goal is to amplify the voices of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in American literature who deserves respect, care, and representations in American culture.


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