Rochele Gloor


Graduate Student


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Honorable Mention

Creation Date

Spring 2022


Overproduction and overconsumption have driven the Earth to an extreme climate crisis. One of the major contributors is the fashion industry. Speculating future fashion scenarios utilizing digital technology is a part of my research on zero-waste and post-sustainable practices. I utilize a 3D design software, Clo3D, which was developed for creating “true-to-life” garment simulation in a virtual space before physical sampling and production. My research has led me to find artistic expression within this technology, as you can see in Futureland in Blue. A blue human with bunny fur arms mounted on a wall converses about social and environmental issues, transporting us to a future place. A place where humans are responsible, and the only waste is computer data. Through this artwork, I hope to bring awareness about the environmental impacts of clothing production and to educate about possibilities of digital technologies to lead us towards a balanced human-nature existence.


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