Sarah Patterson


Undergraduate Student


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Honorable Mention

Creation Date

Spring 2022


This image is the encapsulation of all that I hope to find in my research. This project is a pilot study for my graduate thesis, in which I use the long bones of deer as human analogs for dismemberment by handsaw. I am replicating a study done by Dr. Steve Symes, a forensic anthropologist specializing in the different cut mark characteristics left behind by sharp trauma on human bone, and how those characteristics can be used as evidence in criminal cases. I am conducting a series of experiments in which I use handsaws of various blade types to make incomplete and, as you see here, complete cuts into bone so that I may match each saw to the cuts made via metric comparison. This image is taken just after making one complete cut through bone with a handsaw, so that the cross-section is visible. This image represents the complete pieces of evidence left behind by perpetrators during criminal dismemberment—the kind of evidence that could be used to bring justice to those who cannot speak.


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