DJ Jelinek


Undergraduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2022


I always thought writing, design, and artwork were three separate things. Yeah, so that's a lie. "Generations in the Making" is a watercolor print designed to replicate the overwhelming feelings I have toward the broken American nuclear family. Chaotic, disordered, and with a lovely contrast between nature and machine. It wasn't supposed to have a writing piece attached to it, but I can't help myself when this idea seeped its way into my writing. On the other hand, "Percussive Maintenance" is a prose/poetry piece centered around abuse in the household, and objectifying bodies for profit. This graphic poster was created to fuse these two together; a complimentary work to encompass the power of family trauma. I wanted to find a way to push traditional art, writing, and graphic design all into one composition. How can I make the best of my mediums and move them into one?


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