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Spring 2023


My ethnographic research investigates peer-to-peer health education through a student organization on campus, the Student Wellness Ambassador Team (SWAT). Through weeks of participant-observation at the organization’s meetings and interviews with members, I have learned what SWAT is and why it exists. SWAT members are mostly undergraduates who train to become peer teachers versatile in a variety of educational workshops related to responsible alcohol use and sexual consent. The image shows colored condoms that will go into "Boo Bags" brown paper bags filled with condoms, lube, and seasonal stickers handed out to students on Halloween at the G-Spot, SWAT's portable wellness gazebo. According to research, college is when students begin participating in risky sexual behaviors, such as casual sex or sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The focus of SWAT on sexual health and peer education is rooted in research-based evidence and presented in a light-hearted manner.