naked farm


Cooper Gibson


Graduate Student


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Winner, First Place

Creation Date

Spring 2023


Last summer I attended my first naked weekend at The Farm. The Farm, located in the backwoods of Kentucky, hosts naked weekends once a month throughout the summer. On these weekends, gay, bi, questioning, or otherwise open-minded men, gather in the buff. During the day, attendees hike, lounge, eat, drink, and sleep. When night falls, one might come upon an orgy, an anonymous man’s rear-end up in a leather sling, or a couple making love by lamplight in their open tent. My art deals with my experiences as a rural queer Kentuckian and engages with rural queer studies at large. I am interested in temporalities, that is, the ongoing relationship one has with past, present, and future. Metronormative thinking tells us, “Queers do not belong in the rural,” however the naked farm is proof in the flesh of the power of loving resistance. We have always been here.