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Spring 2024


My research documents the culture at punk, emo, and metal concerts. These genres often promote direct action, activism and anti-establishment beliefs, giving them a negative public image. At this venue, the singer used harsh vocal styles while attendees mirrored the energy with pushing, screaming, and crowd-surfing, even in the back. While the singer screamed into the microphone, a girl near me stopped jumping and headbanging to yell that she'd lost her ID. Everyone in the area instantly held their arms out to make a large, open circle. Several pulled out phone flashlights to help search. Upon finding her ID, everyone continued their high-energy dancing and yelling as if nothing had interrupted them. She held up her hand in the "rock on" sign, sharp acrylic nails standing out against the fire and fog on stage. She and other attendees expressed to me that these shows are safer than their daily lives.