Graduate Student


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Creation Date

Spring 2024


Titled accumulation: focet (sic), this performance is an exploration of connection to others through the multiplicity and universality of living through harm. At its core, it is about trauma, derealization, and futility. Part of the human condition is experiencing grief in confronting the fact there is no guaranteed safeguard against harm. This is a fifteen minute performance art piece. The artist assembled and wore a necklace full of pins, inflated balloons with helium, and tied the balloons to the necklace. The balloons got progressively larger through the performance with the last unable to be tied off. A prepared soundscape based on the breath/heartbeat relationship of someone experiencing a PTSD flashback played in the background, while a live stream of the performance projected on the wall behind them. The purpose of this piece was to confront the philosophical Pessimist positionality that the will to live is an obfuscation of reality.