Creating Value Through Offshore Outsourcing: A Resource Management Perspective

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This article proposes an analytical framework to explain value creation through offshore outsourcing by addressing a key question: How do firms create value by outsourcing their business functions to foreign external providers? The growing prevalence of offshore outsourcing as a dominant business practice in global business makes this question worthy of further research attention. Situated within the organizational design literature, our proposed value creation framework also draws from strategic resource management, disintegration, location-specific resourcing, and externalization (D–L–E) and contingency perspectives. Our analysis shows that firms embarking on offshore outsourcing create value by effectively managing their internal and external resources in accordance with a changing global environment. The framework has significant implications for theory and practice and suggests avenues for further research.


This article was originally published as Mukherjee, Debmalya, Gaur, S. Ajai, and Datta, Avimanyu. 2013. Creating value through offshore outsourcing: A resource management perspective. Journal of International Management (JIM), 19(4): 377-389.