U.S. Military Intervention And Public Engagement

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Politics and Government


Michaelene Cox

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Politics and Government


What components account for the delay of public protest toward the U.S. intervention in Vietnam compared to the immediate protests against the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan? My study will examine the possible contributing factors behind this. Specifically I will be researching the differences and similarities between communication methods used by protestors and media coverage of both wars. I also will be looking into the relative economic status at the time of both wars in the U.S., as well as the public perception on the legality pertaining international law of both wars. The point of my paper is to inform others of the varying possible links to civic engagement, particularly public protests and the possible assets of immediate public response to government actions. Furthermore I will be researching polls that agreed or disagreed with our involvement in both conflicts. The number of protests along with the size of protests and the specific reasons will also be taken into account of public reaction to both conflicts. The timeline will cover the first ten years of each war.



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